Quick treatment to smooth your feet

This treatment prevents calluses and hardening of the feet and makes the skin soft and smooth. The skin of the foot is regenerated with special pads, and smoothed by a foot massage with purifying creams based on neem oil, an ingredient used in the East for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. The feet are then nourished by shea butter. A short but effective treatment for those who do not have particular foot problems. If you would like a more intensive treatment, as an alternative to the 30-minute treatment, the complete foot ritual (PEDICURE SPA COMPLETE, from 60 to 70 minutes) is perfect for you. It includes, in addition, an intensive regenerating peeling and a soothing footbath with draining and cleansing salts, followed by a pack and a stimulating foot massage. These treatments do not include the application of nail polish (additional).
Ask for the alternative that suits you best!
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