Harmony between body and mind

Against the frenzy of the modern life, choose the benefits of the aromatherapy for a full and complete well-being. Customized massage according to your needs: choose your favorite aroma from the best proposals of chemotyped Bio-natural essential oils, diluted in rich 100% natural oils, perfect for skin care. The mind will be regenerated and relaxed by the most suitable fragrance for you to choose from:
a)  citrus and green scents, fresh and invigorating, for the restorative oriental Mediterranean massage
b)  delicate and floral oriental aromas, for the Chinese oriental anti-stress massage
Or you can get energy, tone and sensuality from:
c)  hot spicy aromatic scents that recall the Arab East, energizing and re-balancing: here is the invigorating Arab oriental massage
d)  deep and meditative scents inspired by Indian tradition, soothing and relaxing for the comforting Indian oriental massage
Depending on the effect you want to achieve and your preference, the massage could be light, with softer and more relaxing movements, or energetic to release tension and to improve blood circulation (mostly concentrated on the arms, legs and feet).
Duration: 50 minutes
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