Cancellation policies

The new cancellation policies have become more flexible by booking directly with the hotel.
If we receive a late cancellation and we manage to re-booked the room covering the cancellation period, or if you have to cancel for health reasons, you will not lose the deposit paid, but you will receive a credit (voucher) for your next stay. Below all the advantages and more details.
The cancellation policy is more flexible if you book directly on this official hotel website and depends on the period booked. A deposit is required for stays during the months of June, July, August or the first weeks of September, unless otherwise agreed by the hotel. The credit card entered online guarantees the booking request; A deposit by bank-transfer is required to confirm the booking without debiting the c-card written to guarantee the reservation, unless otherwise requested by the customer or if the stay is imminent.

April-May: Free cancellation up to 5 days before arrival
June: Free cancellation up to 10 days before arrival
July: free cancellation up to 14 days before arrival
August to September 15th: You will not lose the deposit if you cancel the booking up to 21 days before the expected arrival date.
From September 15th: Free cancellation up to 5 days before arrival.
• In the event of late cancellation or changes made outside of the cancellation times, the hotel may withhold the deposit
• In case of free cancellations, the bank return costs and the minimum booking costs will be charged.
In the event that we receive a cancellation and can rent the room again or there is a health risk, you will not lose the deposit: you will receive a voucher for the next stay in our hotel during the year.
• Subject to availability and in some off-season periods, the hotel only requires a Mastercard or Visa credit card (not a prepaid card) to guarantee the reservation: you pay everything directly at the hotel, without deposit.

The special rates / special price/ Last minute or prepaid offers available online require a non-refundable prepayment and can only be booked online on our website

 • Insurance: It is possible to take out insurance that also includes cancellation in case of Covid: contact your personal insurer or the links below where you can get information:
 Important! The insurance can usually be taken out after receiving a booking confirmation from our office, which will be sent you after obtaining the required deposit or payment.
The insurance is taken out directly without our intermediary and is optional but recommended for families with children or special problems.

 • The flexible conditions, the payment of the deposit by bank transfer and all the conditions written on our site, are valid only for direct bookings, and do not concern bookings made through agents, intermediaries or travel agencies ( Trivago / Hotels / Your / etc ...)

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